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The Gaia Coin is a utility token used in The Gaia Coin Ecosystem to protect and preserve the environment by incentivizing environmental action

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 What are Gain Coins?

Gaia Coin tokens are the core asset of the new Gaia Coin Ecosystem. Users possessing Gaia Coins can participate in Gaia Coin NFT Collecting, liquidity pools, and environmental enhancements. In addition, Gaia Coins are used to record environmental or supporting actions on the blockchain.
Blockchain + Environmentalism

Why Choose Gaia Coin?

The Gaia Coin and supporting applications are all creations of a benevolent Environmental Non Profit Organization. We recognized the value of blockchain technology and are filling a gap in the Cryptocurrency community. We share a vision of environmentalists working together through incentivized action. One in which natural habitat becomes to valuable to be exploited.
The Gaia Coin Foundation is committed to fostering communities. The DAO we are creating becomes a voluntary public utility service. Our first step in achieving this vision is the creation and distribution of The Gaia Coin. We are committed to enhancing the environment with you. Together we make the changes necessary to ensure the future for future generations. Let’s be the generation that does that. Let’s be “The greatest generation.”
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