Connect Metamask to the Polygon Network

Great news! If setting up MetaMask was easy for you, this will be even easier. The Default network for MetaMask is the Ethereum Blockchain. The GAIACoin token is located on the Polygon network. We need to switch! Here's a quick one-two on how to connect MetaMask to Polygon. In this tutorial you will learn about Chainlist. Chainlist can be used to connect your wallet to any Ethereum compatible blockchain, like Polygon.

Let's Get Started!

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Go to Chainlist to get started

Visit Chainlist at and type Polygon into the Search Networks field at the top of the page.

On the Polygon Mainnet card click "Connect Wallet"


Connect Your MetaMask Account to Polygon

A pop-up will come up asking you to confirm the MetaMask account you would like to connect to the Polygon network.

Click "Next"

Note: you may be prompted by MetaMask to login with the password you created earlier.


Give MetaMask Permission to Connect

In the next window MetaMask will ask for permission to connect to Chainlist.

Click "Connect"


Add Polygon to MetaMask

In the top right of your browser window you should see that your MetaMask account is now connected to Chainlist.

On the Polygon Mainnet card click "Add to MetaMask"


Allow Chainlist to Add a Network

MetaMask will ask you whether Chainlist can add a network to your wallet.

Click "Approve"


Allow Chainlist to Switch the Network

Since your MetaMask wallet defaulted to Ethereum, we will now be giving Chainlist permission to switch your wallet to Polygon.

Click "Switch Network"


You Did it!

Your MetaMask wallet is now on the Polygon network. To confirm this, click on the MetaMask logo at the top of your browser or, if you can't see it, click on the Extensions icon (looks like a puzzle piece) and find MetaMask in that list.

Once you open your wallet you will see that the network is now the Polygon Mainnet.

You are now ready to open your account.