Set Up Your Account

There are several exchanges to choose from. We decided to use because of it's ease of use and lower transfer fees out of the exchange. There are tutorials available on We tried our best to trim the instructions to make them easier to understand with a few screenshots. 

Let's Get Started!

If you have any questions or need some help, reach out to us on Discord!

Download the app to get 

Click here for Google Playstore link

Click here for the Apple Store link

Once you have it downloaded click on "Create New Account."


1. Enter your email address

2. Once submitted check your email for the confirmation link

3. In the confirmation email click "Launch app"

4. Ads will pop up. Click on skip

5. Accept the terms by checking the box and clicking on create a new account.

Steps (cont.)

6. Type in your phone number and click on "Send verification code"

7. enter it in and click continue

8. Click on "Verify your identity"

9. Type in your full legal name

10. Click on Drivers license

11. Take a photo of the front and back of your license

12. Next you will be prompted to take a selfie

13. Click anywhere to continue

Now we wait needs time to process your account details. You will receive an email if they need more information or when your account is approved. 

Allow Chainlink to Add a Network

MetaMask will ask you whether Chainlist can add a network to your wallet.

Click "Approve"

Allow Chainlist to Switch the Network

Since your MetaMask wallet defaulted to Ethereum, we will now be giving Chainlist permission to switch your wallet to Polygon.

Click "Switch Network"

You Did it!

Your MetaMask wallet is now on the Polygon network. To confirm this, click on the MetaMask logo at the top of your browser or, if you can't see it, click on the Extensions icon (looks like a puzzle piece) and find MetaMask in that list.

Once you open your wallet you will see that the network is now the Polygon Mainnet.

You are now ready to open your account.