Decentralized Environmentalism Explained

Decentralized environmentalism is the focus topic on how to protect the Earth against the current climate crisis.
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adjective 1. (of an activity or organization) controlled by several local offices or authorities rather than one single one.



noun 1. concern about and action aimed at protecting the environment.

As the world’s climate change problem continues to grow there is a dire need for change. What we have come to realize is that many environmental problems can be solved by the local people instead of waiting for someone else or an assigned organization to do it. This realization is why The Gaia Coin Foundation was created. We believe in the power of the people to create the change we all so desperately need. 

The Gaia Coin foundation focuses on decentralized environmentalism as a solution to combat the current environmental problems we face. Decentralized environmentalism is a community effort to increase environmental sustainability, which is of utmost importance in today’s world. 

By redistributing the power and including the local people we are creating improvements for better efficiency, inclusion, and equality in environmentalism. The power is within the people and the more people that take the necessary steps towards environmental sustainability the better off we will be.

We are all accountable and responsible for the actions we take to care of our planet. 

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