The Gaia Garden DAO


The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the decentralized decision mechanism in the Gaia Coin Tokenomics model. The DAO is self-governing. You are in charge. All you need to be a voting member of the DAO is to own  5000 GAIAC. Token holders have the following abilities:

  1. Create proposals to shape the DAO

  2. Vote on token distribution

  3. Vote on proposals

  4. Swap GAIAC for other tokens\crypto

  5. Earn on swap fees by providing liquidity

You can learn more about DAOs in this YouTube VideoWant to join the Gaia Garden DAO? Scroll down for instructions. If you need any help, reach out to us on Discord!

How to Join

Experienced Crypto Users: Scroll down for quick links. We are operating on Polygon Matic.


Set Up Metamask - Your Crypto Wallet

First, let's get you set up with your very own crypto wallet to store your GAIACoin.


Connect Metamask to the Polygon Blockchain/Network

GAIACoin is on the Polygon Network. Since MetaMask defaults to the Ethereum network, we need to switch which network our wallet is connected to. We use a website called Chainlist to switch.


Setup Your Account - Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

Click here to visit and set your account. This will allow you to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency. You can watch this YouTube tutorial to learn how to sign up.


Buy Polygon Matic

Go to your account and buy the Polygon Matic token. You can then transfer the Matic to your Metamask wallet.


Send Polygon Matic to your Metamask Wallet

Go to your account and buy the Polygon Matic token. You can then transfer the Matic to your Metamask wallet.


Connect your Metamask Wallet to the Gaia Garden DAO

Visit the Gaia Garden DAO and click "Enable Account" on the top right of the page. Choose Metamask and follow the directions to connect your account.

honeyswap 250px.png

Use Honeyswap to Swap your Matic for GAIAC

Click here to use Honeyswap to swap your Matic for GAIACoin. You will be prompted to type in the amount you wish to swap.


You're All Set! You are Now Ready to Participate in the DAO

You now have GAIAC in your wallet and you are ready to start participating in the Gaia Garden DAO. See you there!

  • Gaia Garden (governance)

  • POAPathon (task management)

  • Gnosis Safe (community funds)

  • Buy GAIAC (defi) Must be on Polygon

  • Discord (communication)