Cryptocurrency Education

As a part of our mission at The Gaia Coin Foundation, we want to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies! You'll find items on this page for the very basic beginner, all the way to more advanced items. keep in mind that we aren't recommending any particular digital assets or offering financial advice. We are simply showing how different applications work in the crypto space. Please feel free to email us if there's some content you would like to see. Come and learn with us. See you on the other side!

For Beginners

Meta Mask - The most popular hot wallet for multi-chain Dapps. You're going to want to set one of these up to be able to interact with the Web3 world. 

Video - How to download and set up Metamask
Metamask download link

How to add the Polygon Network to Metamask

Exchanges - In the crypto world we call these "Fiat on and off-ramps." These are places where you set up an account, deposit your country's currency, and use it to buy whatever coin you want that they offer. I'll cover set up and operation on a few.
Ok Coin


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