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Approved pro-environmental projects will receive marketing and/or sponsorship

The Gaia Coin Foundation will pair your with a sponsor, if available, and use our network to help promote your project

You will photo document your project

Send the photos of your project to the Gaia Coin Foundation and get rewarded with GAIA coin

NFTs will be minted

Gaia Coin Foundation will mint NFTs using your project photos and auction them to to the highest bidder on OpenSea

GAIA coin can be redeemed

100% of the profits from NFT sales will go in the GAIA coin liquidity pool, where GAIA coin holders can swap their coin for cryptocurrency assets

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Tweet us your environmentalism ideas! @thegaiacoin #greenprojects

  • Plant a tree

  • Start a community garden

  • Start a bee hive

  • Create a green invention

  • Host a pro-environmental event

  • Detrash

  • Adopt a stream

  • Adopt a highway

  • Make your yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat®

  • Reduce waste

  • Reuse something that would otherwise go in a landfill