Environmental Incentivized Action

The Gaia Coin Foundation is using incentivized action to help the environment by rewarding participants with Gaia Coins.
Sick earth

In today’s day and age, it is imperative that we take immediate action to fight climate change. But what would you do if I told you that we have a way for you to be rewarded for doing your part to help the environment? Gaia Coin is changing the game by utilizing digital currency to protect the environment.

Cryptocurrency has been making headlines as the currency of the future and gaining incredible traction. The Gaia Coin Foundation is a non-profit that recognizes the value of blockchain technology and has used our passion as environmentalists to create the Gaia Coin. As the world’s first green coin it is our mission to inspire others to make a positive change for the environment through the incentive of earning Gaia Coins. We don’t expect you to be an expert on cryptocurrency which is why we are offering educational content for members. To become a member all you have to do is sign up here https://www.gaiacoin.org/contact/ and you will have the opportunity to help shape our system and our planet. To show our appreciation our first 10,000 members will receive 500 Gaia Coins. 

Our environmental action reward program is carried out through decentralized app development, also known as dapps. You may be wondering what makes dapps so appealing compared to traditional apps so I have listed a few key features for you:

  • Dapps run on a peer-to-peer network
  • Cryptographic tokens keep the network secure
  • Dapps are an open-source with no entity owning the majority of the tokens
  • Data and records are made public
  • Changes to the protocol are decided through the consensus of the network users

In short, through dapps, the users are provided with transparency, ownership, and protection. This is not new technology but it is becoming the new essential.

It is our hope that you will come along with us on this new and exciting journey to make a difference for our world. Stay up to date on the latest information by becoming a member and following The Gaia Coin Foundation on our social media platforms.

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