Proof of Principle Concept in Cryptocurrency Tokenomics

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency on a deeper level than "It's magical internet money," then this story may be for you. As blockchain and cryptocurrency evolve, it is apparent that there are several different kinds of systems and tokenomics models, each with its features and all for various reasons. A lot of these models have become automated in nature, and that works well for assets and monetary transactions. However, automation usually doesn't take into account empathy and morality.

Proof Of Principle (POP)

I want to introduce you all to a new kind of tokenomics model and concept. One that, as we test it in the real world, does require human review. We call it Proof of Principle.

This tokenomics model design is to connect people to the environment through the blockchain. It combines people, environmental projects, sponsors, NFT's, cryptocurrency, and liquidity. It is a model that supports environmentalism, validates it, and then logs it on the blockchain. Its participants are all rewarded. You also don't need to be a blockchain specialist to understand how it works.

How It Works

Have you ever had an environmental idea but didn't have the means to carry it out? Or maybe you were concerned about having to encourage participation or troubled with marketing. Well, this is for you. The Gaia Coin Foundation assembled a web portal for people and organizations to propose their environmental projects. What is different about us is that we incubate environmental projects, log the progress on the blockchain, and issue Gaia Coins to the participants.

By logging into our site and filling out our questionnaire, your project submission enters a reviewal process. If we like your idea, we will get behind it and make it a reality. Now the planning begins.

Our Foundation will look for sponsors and help you find volunteers. A marketing plan will be built around you and your project through our social media channels to get the word out. We like to think of it as an environmental launchpad. If you are a large organization that already has many resources, we will work together as your partner every step of the way.

The Gaia Coin Foundation was testing out the tokenomics model in real-time.

The day of your event is a big day. You'll document the progress your team makes in helping the environment. You'r job will be to direct and document the event.

It doesn't end there. Gaia Coins are issued you and the participants of your event. Once all of these steps are complete, the Foundation then mints all of the proof into an NFT and places it up for auction on The Opensea marketplace. Finally, the Foundation will notify over 1,000 of the top Ethereum wallets of the auction and conduct an email\social marketing campaign that involves over 500k social media profiles and email addresses. We make everyone aware of the tremendous effort you are putting into your community.

If the NFT sells, 100% of the profit from the sale will go into a liquidity pool that Gaia Coin holders can swap Gaia Coins for other Cryptocurrencies. These actions create a cyclical model that, as it expands, creates a cleaner environment.

Turn Key Service

If all of this still sounds a bit complicated to you, not to worry. We offer this as a turn-key service. You provide the idea, and we help you get the resources you need and handle all of the blockchain stuff. We want to support you in your quest to enhance the environment. So let us handle the details.

The great thing about our Foundation is that you can help on multiple levels. If you don't have your project but want to be a part of our environmental solution, you can volunteer directly to the Foundation. We can offer you knowledge about how cryptocurrency tools work, ecological information, and community. It would be best if you let us know what you are good at and help forward the cause. Finally, the easiest way to help is by becoming a micro sponsor and purchasing Gaia Coins.

If you want to learn more about our foundation, please pay us a visit at

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