Set up your MetaMask Wallet

Hello and thanks for choosing to learn with us. Following are step-by-step instructions for you to install and set up your MetaMask wallet. Please use a computer to get your wallet set up, as these instructions are not for mobile devices.


Before you get started, make sure you have one of the following browsers installed on your computer: Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge.

Let's Get Started!

If you have any questions or need some help, reach out to us on Discord!


Install the MetaMask Extension

Visit and click "Install MetaMask for <your browser>". This will bring you to the page where you can install the MetaMask extension for your browser.


Add the Extension to Your Browser

Click the "Get" or "Add" button to add the MetaMask extension to your browser. A pop-up will confirm that you want to "Add" the extension.


Get Started

If the Welcome to MetaMask page doesn't load automatically, look for the MetaMask fox logo at the top of your browser. You can also click on the Extensions icon (looks like a puzzle piece) to find the MetaMask extension you've just installed.


Once on the Welcome page, click "Get Started"


Create a Wallet

Since you don't already have a MetaMask Wallet, click "Create a Wallet".


You may be asked if you would like to improve MetaMask by letting them gather data on your usage. You can choose either "No Thanks" or "I Agree"


Create Password

Create a New Password for your MetaMask account. Once you have read and agree to the Terms of Use, click "Create".


Watch this Video

This video will teach you about your Secret Recovery Phrase. It is super important that you watch this video, so you can understand what your recovery phrase is and how you can keep it safe.

After you've watched the video, click "Next".


Your Secret Recovery Phrase

Write down your secret recovery phrase and store it in a secure location.


MetaMask also recommends that you use a password manager to store your recovery phrase.


Whatever you use to secure your phrase; never share it with anyone and remeber, you cannot retrieve this phrase from MetaMask!

Click "Next"


Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase

As you have just carefully noted down or otherwise saved your Secret Recovery Phrase, refer to it and select each word of the phrase in the order they originally appeared.

Click "Confirm".



You have confirmed your Secret Recovery Phrase. Make sure you follow the recommendations you have learned on keeping it safe.

Click "All Done".


You Did It!

You now have your very own Crypto Wallet. On the top right you can see that it has defaulted to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Your Account number can be found in the top middle of the page, and in the middle of the page you will see your Balance.

To connect MetaMask to the Polygon Blockchain, move on to to the next step.