Become a Sponsor

Sometimes volunteering your time isn't possible. We offer several ways for busy environmentalists to support ecological blockchain projects. You can directly sponsor a project and team by selecting one of our sponsorship tiers, purchasing a one-of-a-kind completed project NFT in our online auction, or indirectly supporting all Gaia participants by buying Gaia Coins. 

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We match sponsors up with project teams that need a little help. Then, depending on your package, we have different ways to recognize you or your organization for your contribution. Our Foundation will heavily market the projects we choose through the Gaia Coin marketing network, blogs, social media sites, and email campaigns. 

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Our completed projects are verified and minted on the Ethereum Blockchain and auctioned off on Open Sea. The NFT's stores our Proof of Principle verification that the volunteers recorded during the event. The profits from the auction allow Gaia Coin holders to swap Gaia Coins for other cryptocurrency. In addition, auction winners get a unique collectible that you can't get anywhere else, a green blockchain NFT: proof that a positive ecological event took place, and the storage of that information in an immutable ledger. 

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The simplest way to support The Gaia Coin Foundation, its project participants, volunteers, and environmental initiatives is through a direct purchase of Gaia Coins. Gaia Coins are the green fuel that operates the entire tokenomics model and incentivizes our green warriors to get things done.