GAIA Coin Tokenomics

How it works

  • Individuals or organizations with a pro-environmental Green Project will submit their project online at

  • Green Projects that are approved will receive some marketing and/or sponsorship through GCF

  • Participants will take photos to document the project, submit them to GCF, and then be rewarded with GAIA coin

  • GCF will mint an NFT of the environmental action that includes all relevant documentation - this is the proof-of-principle that gets recorded on the blockchain when the NFT is minted

  • The NFT will then be available for public auction to the highest bidder on the OpenSea marketplace

  • 100% of profits from the auction will go into a liquidity pool that will set the value of GAIA coin

  • GAIA coin holders may swap their GAIA coin for cryptocurrency, or vice versa