Are you interested in making an impact in the environmental or crypto community? Maybe volunteering directly for the foundation will work for you. Our foundation is always in need of good people who share the same values and understand our mission. We are open to all kinds of people and ideas. So, what particular skill can you contribute to the team? After all, volunteering can be fun if you enjoy what you are doing.


We are always looking for help with content creation, social media, community development, education, and fundraising. Maybe you can help with something we haven't even thought of. 

Please read our mission and vision below. If it resonates with you, you have some free time, and want to learn more, please fill out our volunteer application. You'll be hearing back from us shortly and we can discuss how you can plug in. 

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To change our communities’ relationship with the environment by inspiring, supporting, and promoting environmental action through Blockchain technology.


A world in which the environment is valued and not exploited. One where environmental enhancement does not impede business, but strengthens it through partnership and action.