Gaia Coin Foundation White Paper




The unresolved challenge facing our generation is continued economic prosperity through the degradation of the planet. As our artificially created habitat expands through natural resource extraction and population growth, the world remains distracted by seemingly more pressing matters. There will always be a more immediate short-term danger for the community, country, or world to conquer. Environmental preservation is a “Too big to fail” issue. On a personal level, the problem seems too immense, and an individual becomes apathetic at the thought of their impact on the subject. It has become apparent that no single country, enterprise, or person is going to stop it. The slow marching forward of production, consumption, and expansion will inevitably shake the very foundation of humanity. Unfortunately, once that moment comes, it is too late. The Gaia Coin Foundations lays down the framework to create a decentralized community model that can co-exist and thrive in any country to create a balance between humanity and nature. Because it has not happened from a centralized authority in a top-down fashion, we must complete this task from the bottom up. It must also be done in a non politically and realized in an economic fashion. Join us in building an Environmentally friendly Blockchain.

This Gaia Coin Foundation will;

  • Create a token that is utilized for Environmental purposes
  • Create Decentralized Applications (Dapps) to support the community and Cryptocurrency.
  • Incentivize Environmental Action
  • Enhance the Environment
  • Create liquidity pools in support of the Environment
  • Create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and support its efforts


As you read this, it is essential to become aware of centralized authority in your life. There is nothing wrong with it. It is all you have known, and you have been conditioned to it. At the heart of centralization is money. All of the power and wealth in the world is owned by a small percentage of the population. You already know this. The Federal Reserve Bank Prints the state currency that is fractionally distributed in loans and created through debt. There is never enough currency in circulation to ever pay off the debt. This causes the scarcity of money and keeps you wrapped up in the everyday drudgery of selling your labor to an organization or person with money to give. Meanwhile, the government-backed currency is designed to be inflationary, and over time your same labor loses its value as the currency debases. The owners of the currency use their leverage to influence the government through lobbying and campaign donations. There are a handful of people in charge. This is an example of a centralized system.

Enter January 3 of 2009. A decentralized peer-to-peer currency named Bitcoin came into existence. written in the first transaction code were the words “The Times Jan/03/2009 Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks.” The creator of Bitcoin pilloried the centralized banking system with his digital art. The founder of the now popular currency has stayed anonymous to this day. He or she may remain hidden due to the enormous disruption Bitcoin has caused to the financial system and the inherent danger from the rich and powerful hierarchy. The disruption is that Bitcoin is an extremely secure online payment system that does not require a bank or central manager. It operates on its own through the participation of its users. No one is in charge. As Bitcoin demand increases, the supply is becoming increasingly more scarce. The immense amount of wealth pouring into Bitcoin is causing some countries to rethink their fiat currency models. Banking and financial institutions have realized that they are powerless to stop the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because there is no single entity to go after. It can’t be shut down or controlled. Attempts to stop it or over-regulate it have failed. They have since taken an “If you can’t beat them, join them” stance. Now they are all in a race to create a federal digital cryptocurrency. To summarize the words of Nicholas Klein, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

With the introduction of decentralized money comes other unique abstract concepts and social constructs. One that is increasing in popularity is a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization.  Most of the governance models you may be familiar with have a major group of rule makers or figureheads that stand to gain power, influence, and compensation through their rule. Often these politicians are presented to the population as “Public Servants.” The reality is that we get to choose our rulers. In a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, no one is in charge, participants in the group have distributed control. Because of blockchain technology, a set of rules can be written on smart contracts or in a blockchain’s initial code. These rules do not change unless a majority of the stakeholders or participants agree on the change. This creates an environment where an organization operates without a hierarchical management structure.  Stakeholders (coin holders) make decisions about the organization by reaching a consensus or agree on any action to be performed. The Gaia Coin Foundation will create a DAO that will become independent of the foundation. We will support and foster The Gaia Coin into a DAO structure and offer supporting instruments thereafter in an ecosystem of decentralized applications that give the asset additional utility. The Gaia Coin Foundation will work closely with coin holders and developers to determine exactly how the DAO evolves and use the funds raised through the Security Token Offering to make it all happen.


The Gaia Coin Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization created in January of 2021. We are located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and have a mission “To change our communities relationship with the environment by inspiring, supporting, and promoting environmental action through Blockchain technology.


The Gaia Coin exists and operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. It has a fixed supply. It available to trade, peer to peer and offered in decentralized Cryptocurrency exchanges. The Gaia Coin is not an investment vehicle and participants in the automated Uniswap smart contract swap should not have a reasonable expectation of profits. The Gaia Coin is designed to have a utility and immediate function upon its release. Because the coin operates on the Ethereum blockchain, peer-to-peer transactions involving GAIA will require Ethereum in the form of a transaction fee.

Coin Attributes

Coin Supply – 1 Billion

Ticker – Gaia

Mintable – No

Burnable – No

Blockchain – Ethereum

Token Contract Address 0xFB6C3360E9c069eE48C9E1E4c6b3169427c9B84b


The official start date of the Uniswap listing will be (to be announced)

Price $0.005


The Gaia Coin Foundation has begun developing its first decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain to support The Gaia Coin and give it a utility. There are abstract conceptualizations for additional applications to be built following the release of the one being realized, creating an ecosystem for the Gaia Coin.


The Foundation has opened up an NFT marketplace for collectibles associated with the foundation and cause. The NFT marketplace allows for GAIA coin holders to purchase Gaia Coin collectibles with Gaia Coins. When the purchase is made a distribution via smart contract is made. A percentage goes to provide liquidity to the NFT marketplace, the Gaia Coin, and the rest goes to a faucet that distributes the coins automatically to participating Non Profit organizations.


Users will log in and connect the application to their social media account and choose from an array of environmentally friendly actions that specify a Gaia Coin distribution amount. Users will complete one of the listed environmentally friendly actions. Once the action is complete, it is shared via photo or video on their social media account and the user will receive Gaia Coins in their electronic wallet. Users of the Dapp will also be able to upload their own environmental initiatives and stake Gaia Coins in support of a customizable environment action. This feature will be open to individuals and Organizations (sponsors.) For example, a Non-Profit Organization that wants to start a recycling program can fill out the form on the application to create their own sponsored incentive to enhance the environment. In time the application becomes fully autonomous and decentralized.


As the Dapp and coin become more popular through distribution and use, it becomes a vehicle that autonomously cleans the environment and supports causes through its participants. Other Apps that utilize The Gaia Coin will be built around abstract concepts to help the environment.


Liquidity Pools and Pairs

The Gaia Coin Foundation will create a liquidity pool for the Gaia Coin and pair it with Ethereum and Teether. The Liquidity Pool will be decentralized and autonomous. The coin will start fluctuating in value as Ethereum fluctuates and coin swaps take place. Anyone with Ethereum, Teether, or The Gaia coin can swap their coins for an equal amount of one of the pairs.


Cryptocurrency adoption is happening at a rapid rate. Most of it is centered around decentralized finance and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s.) As space develops and grows, there appears to be a lack of philanthropic and benevolent organizations involved. The ability to assist Non-Profit Organizations’ initiatives through blockchain technology is a big win for everyone involved. The creation of the coin, Dapps, and Protocols will provide an autonomous organization that will take on a life of its own. As the ecosystem scales, habitats become cleaner initiatives are funded, inventions created and our Earth becomes a cleaner place. I hope you will join us in our great green experiment.