The genesis of decentralized environmentalism


The unresolved challenge facing our generation is economic prosperity through the degradation of the planet. As our artificially created habitat expands through natural resource extraction and population growth, the world remains distracted by seemingly more pressing matters. There will always be a more immediate short-term danger for the community, country, or world to conquer. However, environmental preservation is a “Too big to fail” issue. The Earth will move on; however, humanity needs fresh drinking water, clean air, a plastic-free environment, and living in balance with the undisturbed habitat. Without these basic needs met, future generations will suffer for the decisions made in the name of immediate gratification and special interest. There are several obstacles in the way of creating a balance in the economic and environmental equilibrium.

One of the most glaring issues is that there simply is not enough funding available to make an impact. It is simply more profitable for companies to destroy the environment than to preserve it. Making progress in enhancing the environment has become a fictitious narrative or Greenwashing marketing tactic. A nonpolitical ideology has to emerge and spread to the hearts of men and women everywhere that this cannot be the way. Just because it does not mean that it has to be, every system we abide by is a social construct and can be changed if enough people demand and practice it. 

On a personal level, the problem seems too immense. Individuals become apathetic at the thought of their impact on the subject. It has become apparent that no single country, enterprise, or person is going to stop it. The slow marching forward of production, consumption, and expansion will inevitably shake the very foundation of humanity. Unfortunately, once that moment comes, it is too late. There has to be a growing collective facing all of this head-on.

The Gaia Coin Foundations believes we change the course we are on. We want to be that change in the world. Our Foundation is experimenting with blockchain technology to balance humanity and nature through a cyclical tokenomics model. We believe that blockchain technology is the tool that the public can use effectively in tracking, incentivizing, protecting, and creating value in the environment. In reading further and participating in the foundations’ efforts, you will learn more about and help us shape how it will happen. We want to connect you to the environment with the blockchain. Let us teach you how.

The Gaia Coin Foundation

The Gaia Coin Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization created in January of 2021. We are located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and have a mission “To change our communities relationship with the environment by inspiring, supporting, and promoting environmental action through Blockchain technology. The Foundation’s efforts concentrate on enhancing the environment, creating community, and educating the public. Our vision is to create a world in which the environment is valued and not exploited—one where environmental enhancement does not impede business but strengthens it through partnership and action. The foundation will create and test tokenomics models that incentivize ecological action and record the results. As successful tokenomics models emerge, the foundation will work towards automating the model to decentralization.

Core Values

Environmentalism - The environment is a utility that can arrive in whatever way we choose. Everyone has the right to a clean and pollution-free environment. 

Community - Building meaningful relationships that create trust and fellowship with common goals.


Education - Teaching about the Environment and Cryptocurrency peacefully and safely.

This Gaia Coin Foundation 2021 plans;

  • Create a token on the blockchain - Completed on Ethereum

  • Set up a non-profit entity - Completed

  • Create an NFT marketplace - Completed on Open Sea

  • Allow for The Gaia Coin to be used as currency on Open Sea - Completed

  • Sponsor Environmental Events - Completed an Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup

  • Set up a recurring donation to another nonprofit organization - Completed May 2021 donation to The Sierra Club Foundation

  • Have the Gaia Coin contract audited internally and by a third party

  • Test the Gaia Coin Tokenomics Model

  • Exchange listing for the Gaia Coin

Gaia Coin Foundation plans (beyond 2021)

  • Automate and decentralize tokenomics model and The Gaia Coin

  • Build applications or tools in support of The Gaia Coin 

  • Build applications and tools to support the cryptocurrency and environmental communities


The Gaia Coin currently exists and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. In its current state, it is available to send to other Ethereum based wallets and used for payment on the Open Sea Marketplace. Because the coin operates on the Ethereum blockchain, peer-to-peer transactions involving GAIA will require Ethereum in the form of a transaction fee. 

GAIA Coin Attributes

Coin Supply – 1 Billion

Ticker – GAIA

Mintable – No

Burnable – No

Blockchain – Ethereum

Token Contract Address 0xFB6C3360E9c069eE48C9E1E4c6b3169427c9B84b


Anyone can store the Gaia Coin in any Ethereum based wallet that recognizes custom ERC-20 tokens. If you are unfamiliar with this term, we suggest our participants use either Metamask or Trust Wallet as we are confident that The Gaia Coin is compatible.


The Gaia Coin Foundation (“we” or the “Company”), a North Carolina public benefit Nonprofit corporation, has created 1,000,000,000 of our novelty token, the Gaia Coin. Unlike other blockchains and cryptocurrency projects, The Gaia Coin will be distributed based on a model we call “Proof of Principle.” In this model, the coins circulate when proof that an environmentally enhancing action has taken place. Then, coins distribute to the entity that performed the act to record the activity on the blockchain. 

Tokenomics Model #91521 (Current model in testing)


In this tokenomics model, we intend to sponsor environmentally enhancing projects both before and after the event. The blockchain will record the data the Gaia Coin Foundation will use to improve the tokenomics model. The Foundation can currently carry out this model with existing third-party systems and tools. Thus, the Foundation will facilitate the flow of the tokenomics model.

Gaia Coin Tokenomics Model Theory (Gaia Coin Ecosystem)

In this tokenomics model, we can discover the value of environmental tasks and record them on the blockchain. Participants in the tokenomics model should not expect profits as The Gaia Coin is merely a way of discovering the value of a particular task. Participants enhance the environment by connecting it to the blockchain through their actions. Here is how it works.

  1. Individuals or organizations with an environmental project will submit their idea\project on our website at www.gaiacoin.org by filling out a form.

  2. The Gaia Coin Foundation will review the submission and determine if the Foundation will accept the project. If accepted, the Foundation may sponsor the project or look for a third-party sponsor. In addition, the Foundation will offer a specific amount of Gaia Coins upon project completion.

  3. If the participants agree, they will carry out the project and heavily document the event actions. When complete, they will submit the documentation to back the Foundation.

  4. The Foundation will create an NFT of the environmental action that includes all relevant documentation - This is the “Proof of Principle” and records on the blockchain.

  5. The NFT will then be available for public auction to the highest bidder.

  6. The Foundation will place the profit from the auction into a liquidity pool in which Gaia Coin holders may swap the Gaia Coin for the proceeds from the auction if they would like. 

The Foundations Operations

The Foundation currently has four board members and several volunteers working on the project. The Foundation does not have any debt. Although the non-profit currently operates with volunteer labor, there are still expenses in marketing, communication platforms, transaction fees, and other essential items. The Foundation plans to use proceeds from The Gaia Coin’s sale, the NFT’s, and donations to cover operational expenses. As the Foundation grows, we expect to need additional paid professionals. If you are interested in volunteering for our foundation please click here

What we are offering

Ecological Enhancement

The tokenomics model intends to create an autonomous social construct that enhances the environment as it grows. Members that support these projects will be recognized through our marketing channels and memorialized for their efforts on the blockchain.


The Gaia Coin will support communities by helping to build and incubate them. We will create a working structure, support, and market their efforts in cleaning the environment. By pairing up experienced the experienced with the inexperienced and giving individuals an opportunity to lead in the capacity they are comfortable with, community building will grow organically. Volunteers wishing to form independent chapters or partner with The Gaia Coin Foundation will be offered tools and educational materials to develop their communities. Our view on community building is that we are running a marathon and not a race. Working on several centuries-old issues is not going to change overnight. 


The foundation will support cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption by providing helpful information on how it works, using the tools, and finding the best information. In addition, we will help people into the space in a safe and caring way. We will not provide financial advice but teach our community members how to navigate the area. 

We will also provide environmental content specifically to educate the public on the importance of reversing climate destruction and change. The foundation will guide participants on how they can do their part and reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainable lives. 


Product Offering

  • Turn Key Public Environmental Service

  • Tangible environmental benefits - improving the ecology

  • Environmental education

  • Cryptocurrency education

  • NFT’s

  • Environmental record keeping

  • Environmental recognition

  • Development of tools for the cryptocurrency community

  • Tokenomics and self-governance model creation



Two of the fastest-growing things in our world are the destruction of the environment and cryptocurrency adoption. We believe with the proper application; they can counterbalance each other. Our Foundation operates to solve environmental issues. Please join us. We have several options depending on how you want to be involved. 

  1. Purchase Gaia Coins - Participate indirectly by helping fund projects through sponsorship

  2. Submit an environmental project for sponsorship - Participate directly - receive Gaia Coins

  3. Bid on an Environmental NFT - Support the tokenomics model by purchasing proof of the project and essentially owning the event’s details. An environmental collector’s item. 

  4. A direct donation to the foundation - Not available yet


Legal and Disclaimers

We have not authorized anyone to provide any information or to make any representations other than those contained in this Whitepaper or any free writing we have prepared.  We take no responsibility for and cannot assure the reliability of any other information others may give you.  This Whitepaper is to inform potential participants in the Gaia Coin Foundations program. The information contained in this Whitepaper is current only as of its date 09/15/2021. By continuing to read or participate in this project, you also agree that you do not have a reasonable expectation of profit derived from the efforts of The Gaia Coin Foundation. You also, at this moment, declare that Gaia Coins are not a security or financial instrument.  You agree that the Gaia Coin is a digital ledger of environmental action. Participation in the Gaia Coin Foundation programs is voluntary, and the purchase of Gaia Coins or involvement in any related project does not prove the expectation of profit. Finally, you agree that you have read this document fully and have released The Gaia Coin Foundation of all legal liability for any perceived loss, both material and immaterial. Also, voluntarily participating in Gaia Coin-related activity is not an employment offer. Please participate at your own will. There are no requirements to participate. 

Any and all participation in The Gaia Coin Foundation or related projects is volunteerism as The Gaia Coin Foundation is a registered Non-Profit entity. The Gaia Coin Foundation at the time of this writing is not a 501C3 status. So purchases or donations may not be tax-deductible. We do not believe that purchases of Gaia Coins are tax-deductible. Please contact a professional accountant and or legal advisor before participating in the project. The Gaia Coin, in its current form, is a digital novelty item. As with any business plan or endeavor, timelines and success vary. The Gaia Coin Ecosystem is a social, environmental experiment, and the coin is unproven.

The Gaia Coin has not been endorsed or approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission” or the “SEC”).  Anti-fraud provisions are put into place by the SEC to protect investors from frauds and scams. 


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of or give its approval to any tokens or the terms of the whitepaper, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any solicitation materials.  The Commission has not evaluated the token, and they have not made an independent determination of the status or catagorization.  Accordingly, a review may or may not ever materialize.


At the time of this writing, the Gaia Coin does not trade on any secondary trading markets. Therefore, token holders should not expect Gaia Coins to ever sell in a secondary market, although it is possible. However, the foundation does plan on approaching the secondary trading market to advance the tokenomics model. The experiment is impossible without it.




Purchasing Gaia Coin Tokens involves a high degree of risk.  Therefore, you should consider carefully the risks described below, together with all of the other information contained in this Whitepaper, before deciding to purchase. Please also contact your attorney or legal advisor.  The following risks entail circumstances under which our company’s business, financial condition, operations results, and prospects could suffer.


Risks Related to the Gaia Coin Tokens


The Gaia Coin Tokens have no history and thus face significant uncertainties around their evaluation and future.  This evaluation may be highly dependent on the classification of the token and its use. Long term valuation of this novelty token is not available. So as a token, it is unproven and uncertain. Our Gaia Coin, business, and proposed tokenomics model’s reliability are entirely untested as of the date of this whitepaper. As previously stated, purchasers and participants in The Gaia Coin Foundation programs can not rely on the Foundation’s efforts for any kind of investment return. The entire project is an experiment that intends to support and enhance the environment. Anyone participating in the tokenomics model is doing so at their own risk. Participation is voluntary and understood that no profit derives from the tokenomics model. It is quite possible that participating in the foundations model may create an expense. Your participation in Gaia Coin Foundation-related activities is solely and unequivocally to enhance the environment. Collection to


The Gaia Coin Tokens have no performance history. Therefore, participants will have limited ability to compare them against other like instruments.  Moreover, the tokenomics model constitutes an unproven and novel model of the internet applications’ construction and operation. The success of the Gaia Coin depends on the success and adoption of abstract ideas and the adoption of blockchain technology. In turn, this success may depend on demand for an alternative to traditional centralized internet and application architecture, which is unproven, and the performance of the technology used to create the proposed model, NFT’s and the Gaia Coin Tokens, which is untested.  Therefore, you should evaluate the Gaia Coin based on the Whitepaper and Foundation as a brand new Non Profit with no previous financial history. Participants should also consider the significant uncertainties associated with these assessments given the lack of business models and technological systems against which the Gaia Coin, proposed applications, marketplace, and network have not previously operated. Participants in the experimental program are unpaid volunteers and using an untested product. 


There is no guarantee that the tokens will have any value, and you may lose any purchase made in the Gaia Coin in whole or in part.


The Gaia Coins and NFT’s are novelty environmental collector’s items. You should not expect an investment return.  There is no assurance that purchasers will realize any return.  For this reason, each Purchaser should carefully read this Whitepaper and should consult with their attorney, financial, and tax advisors before making any decision concerning the Gaia Coin.  You should only participate in Gaia Coins if you are prepared to lose the money used to purchase them. Do not purchase Gaia Coins if you plan to hold The Gaia Coin foundation responsible for any actual or perceived loss. 


In particular, cryptoassets and tokens such as Gaia Coins are a new and relatively untested product.  There is considerable uncertainty about their long-term viability, which could be affected by various factors, including many market-based factors such as economic growth, inflation, and others.  Also, the Gaia Coins’ success and other cryptocurrencies will depend on whether blockchain and other new technologies related to the tokens will be beneficial, economically, and socially viable.  Further, blockchains are one of several proposed technology components of Gaia Coin, and even if blockchains themselves are successful, the other technology components might not be successful.  The foundation does not fully control any of these factors. Therefore, it may not contain the Gaia Coins’ long-term success as a feature of the Ecosystem or the tokens’ ability to function properly or become more than a novelty item. Cryptocurrencies, including Gaia Coins, may lose some or all value over time.

You will not receive your coins immediately after purchase, and they may decline in value (if one establishes) before you have a chance to use them.


 You will receive your Gaia Coins by the last day of the month if purchased through the website with a credit or debit card. The same is valid for participants in an airdrop, bounty programs, contest rewards, or environmental project rewards. The distribution will take place through a third-party multi-sender transaction. We plan to automate the purchase of Gaia Coins through a swapping mechanism for Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.


A secondary trading market may never develop.


The Gaia Coin Foundation plans to set up a liquidity pool for participants. However, a lack of funds raised or the failure of the company to operate is possible, and the liquidity pool may never materialize. At this time, The Gaia Coin Foundation is unaware of any potential secondary trading market that The Gaia Coin will be tradable. However, the Gaia Coin will solicit both centralized exchanges and attempt to set up trading markets in decentralized and centralized exchanges. We make no guarantee that The Gaia Coin Foundation will be successful in this endeavor and is not liable for these plans’ success. Again, you should not rely on The Gaia Coin Foundation to use the coin as an investment contract. We only provide the coin as a novelty item. 


Holders of Gaia Coins will not have many rights traditionally associated with holders of debt instruments, nor will they have any rights usually related to equity holders.


We believe that the Gaia Coins are not securities for purposes of the definition of security in Section 2(a)(1) of the Securities Act of 1933 and in Section 3(a)(10) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Because they are not investment contracts under the Howey test, they aren’t characterized as either debt or equity for purposes. They are not traditional investment instruments and have attributes that place them into an entirely different category. Because of this, Gaia Coins will not have the rights traditionally associated with holders of debt instruments, nor will they have rights usually related to holders of equity.  For example, holders of Gaia Coins will not receive a right to any principal or interest repayment, as might be expected under a debt instrument.  Nor will holders receive an interest in the profits or losses of the Gaia Coin Foundation or affiliate. Nor any legal or contractual right to exercise control over the operations or continued development of any part of the company, which are rights typically afforded to equity and security holders.  The description or statement of the properties of the Gaia Coin in this Whitepaper or elsewhere, and implementation of those properties in the tokenomics model, does not create any binding obligation on The Gaia Coin Foundation to the tokens or the holders of the tokens following the tokens’ delivery.

Furthermore, the Gaia Coin Foundation is a Non Profit entity that cannot be owned or issue shares that govern the company based on its business structure. As a result, information disclosed in this Whitepaper statement and elsewhere regarding our company and its ability to build the ecosystem may be relevant to your novelty items’ value, but the relevance is limited and indirect.  Moreover, we do not believe that the tokens should be characterized as equity for purposes of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, or as debt for purposes of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, as amended, and as a result, would not be subject to the regulations to which the equity and debt, as applicable, subject to those laws must comply. We have also made it abundantly clear that participation in the foundations tokenomic model is not an investment but voluntary participation in an environmental enhancement social experiment. 


Gaia Coin transactions may be irreversible, and, accordingly, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions or technology failures in your wallet software may not be recoverable.


Transactions of Gaia Coins may be irreversible. Accordingly, a purchaser of the Gaia Coins may lose all of their coins in various circumstances, including in connection with fraudulent or accidental transactions, technology failures in wallet software, or cyber-security breaches.  Losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable. 


We are not currently subject to ongoing reporting requirements.


Because we offer digital products that are collectibles and record-keeping mechanisms,  we are not subject to reporting requirements for the securities class traditionally registered with the SEC. However, should the SEC contact us and express a different opinion or classification, we will comply. 


Gaia Coins are not legal tender, are not backed by the government, and accounts and balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Purchaser Protection Corporation protections.


Gaia Coins are not legal tender, are not backed by any government, are not securities, and accounts and value balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Purchaser Protection Corporation protections. Therefore, any purchase of the tokens is the known risk of the purchaser.


The Coins’ tax treatment is uncertain, and there may be adverse tax consequences for purchasers and other holders upon certain future events.


The Gaia Coin’s tax characterization is uncertain. Each obtainer must seek independent legal and tax advice concerning the United States and non-U.S. tax treatment of Gaia Coins.  Obtaining Gaia Coins may result in adverse tax consequences to purchasers, including withholding taxes, income taxes, and tax reporting requirements.  The Gaia Coin foundation is not liable to participants who do not contact their tax advisor, attorney, or a tax professional regarding the potential risks or classifications involved in purchasing or acquiring Gaia Coins. The Gaia Coin Foundation makes no claims on the tax status of the coin. Purchasers agree to not hold liable The Gaia Coin Foundation for not exercising this option. 


The Gaia Coin Foundation may not be able to prevent using the Gaia Coins and the proposed Ecosystem in connection with criminal activity in the U.S. or elsewhere.


In the past, bad actors have used cryptocurrencies to execute black market transactions, commit fraud, launder funds, evade taxes or economic sanctions, finance terrorism, and other illegal activities.  The Gaia Coin Foundation will take commercially reasonable steps to identify (within its capacity) and prevent money laundering, terrorism-funding activities, and any other illegal activity connected with Gaia Coins and the proposed Ecosystem.  These measures include, without limitation, the adoption of policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent certain unlawful conduct in connection with the Gaia Coins and the Ecosystem.  However, there is no guarantee that such steps will reliably detect or eliminate all misuse or attempted misuse of the Gaia Coins and the proposed Ecosystem to facilitate money laundering or other illegal or improper activities.  The occurrence of such activities may subject The Gaia Coin Foundation to civil penalties, and direct or indirect criminal liability may adversely affect The Gaia Coin Foundations’ reputation, business, and financial condition. In addition, it may negatively impact the value of the Gaia Coins.


There is a risk that banks and other financial institutions may refuse to process transactions for or maintain accounts for entities or individuals transacting in crypto products.


Banks may refuse to provide bank accounts and other banking services to cryptocurrency-related companies or companies that accept cryptocurrencies for reasons that include regulatory requirements or ambiguities and perceived compliance risks or costs. This uncertainty has caused some cryptocurrency-related service providers to have difficulty finding financial institutions willing to provide accounts and services to them.  Continuation of such challenges could decrease the viability and adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, harm public perception of crypto-related products, and limit viability and potential applications. As a result, these events could materially and adversely affect the Company, its operations, and its financial condition.


Risks Related to Blockchain Technology


The Gaia Coin and proposed ecosystem and any other blockchain on which the Gaia Coins may rely may be the target of malicious cyberattacks or contain exploitable flaws in their underlying code, resulting in security breaches and loss or theft of tokens.  Suppose these attacks occur or security is compromised. In that case, this could expose us to liability and reputational harm and could seriously curtail the utilization of the Gaia Coins. In addition, the coins are vulnerable to risks, both foreseen and unforeseen, from the new and untested nature of blockchain technology. Therefore, purchasers of Gaia Coins should educate themselves on the potential risks of blockchain technology and prepare in the event of a total loss. The Gaia Coin Foundation does not claim cybersecurity expertise but has secured the coins and distribution process. The Gaia Coin Foundation will take similar actions when developing the Ecosystem in which the Gaia Coin will operate. 


The Coin and proposed Ecosystem are new and untested concepts and may not achieve acceptance.


There can be no assurance that the Coin or proposed Ecosystem will achieve acceptance. Participants acquiring Gaia Coins will risk purchasing something that is an entirely new concept and item. Failure of The Gaia Coin Foundation or the Gaia Coins should be expected. 


The operation of the Gaia Coins and proposed ecosystem depends on third parties that we do not control.


The Gaia Coin is an asset built on the Ethereum Blockchain. This blockchain is heavily decentralized, and The Gaia Coin Foundation has no control over the operation and cannot influence its function. Similarly, The Foundation relies on third-party communication devices to deliver the smart contract and ecosystem to users. Also, but not limited to other reliance’s, it relies heavily on Social Media platforms for marketing and third-party hosting providers for all online activity. If any of these third-party applications is compromised, The Gaia Coin and Foundation may lose its ability to function in the intended manner.


The Gaia Coin Foundation currently relies on a limited number of developers and staff. This current lack of human resources makes it vulnerable to changes in the business landscape and demand for the services provided by these developers’ networks.


The Gaia Coin Foundation currently relies on a small team of independent contractors, volunteers, and interns. Large-scale acceptance of the project and network may require scaling at a rate faster than anticipated, potentially creating a bottleneck of available services to potential ecosystem users. 


The Gaia Coin Foundation has limited legal guidance.


Our foundation is entirely new and has relied heavily on donations to exist. Because of the lack of start-up funds, the foundation has not acquired a large securities firm for guidance. It has relied heavily upon its attorneys’ legal advice and services. Our attorney is familiar with but does not specialize in securities law. The Gaia Coin Foundation has attempted to follow all Federal and State laws regarding securities law and exemptions to the best of our knowledge. Still, it does not claim that The Gaia Coin, legal, and Advisory Board may have overlooked something. The Gaia Coin Foundation also does not hold its advisors liable for any action related to this offering at this time. The board of directors has expressly relied on the navigation of the business plan and interpretation of the legal landscape at the executive director’s advice. Most, if not all, of the business plan and legal responsibility, is claimed by the Gaia Coin Foundation Executive Director, Curtis Caudill. Due to the lack of funds, uncertainty regarding crypto token law, and lack of affordable legal guidance, large portions of the business plan and prospectus have not been reviewed by experts in the necessary fields to ensure absolute compliance with all laws. Our foundation has found the lack of legal clarity very burdensome. The Gaia Coin foundation has made a reasonable faith effort to comply and operate legally in this regard. It will continue to do so unless Federal and State governmental request otherwise. Entities can make compliance inquiries or send questions to gaiacoinfoundation@gmail.com